Our Team

Rick Wennberg 
Service Manager 
With over thirty years’ experience in the water treatment industry, I’ve seen it all. I’ve designed, serviced, and installed water treatment systems for large hotels, ultra-pure laboratories, municipal projects, and residential problem water systems. If I don’t have the answers we need, I sure know where to get them, and how to fix the problem.

Terry Hughes 
Service Technician 
After being a self-employed, remodeling contractor for 32 years in Michigan, I found myself knee-deep in a swamp full of alligators. Being tired of the alligators, but enjoying the water, I went to work for the local Kinetico dealer. However, Michigan is cold and gloomy in the winter. Therefore, I moved to sunny Colorado and found heaven at Kinetico. Hobbies include woodworking, fishing, hunting, and dancing. Recently married, I’m here to stay!!

Chris Wennberg 
Service Technician  
In four years of servicing commercial, industrial, and medical systems, I’ve encountered many challenges. But one of the more interesting was when I attended the Kinetico Service Academy. I learned about water treatment in the home, and the challenge of improving peoples’ lives by having good quality water. Good, soft, working water delivers cleaner clothes and spotless dishes. It also saves time in cleaning showers, sinks, and fixtures. Good water just makes our lives better, and I enjoy the challenge.

Jeff Huber 
Service Technician 
After ten years of experience in water treatment, I still learn something new every day. I have learned the importance of clean water and appreciate how it benefits everyone who uses it. Every time I install one of Kinetico’s top-of-the-line products, I feel like I have helped in improving people’s everyday lives. After work, I’m a busy family man with a wife and two active children; but at heart, I’m still an artist and enjoy drawing caricatures.

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