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Water Filters In Westminster, Colorado

Water Filters In Westminster Colorado: Why put up with stinky, smelly, staining water when you can invest in a water filter?

Homeowners are making the smart move by investing in water filters in Westminster Colorado. This is for obvious reasons – cleaner water, and to eliminate unpleasant odors, spotting, and staining.

A water filter is a cost-effective method of cleaning water for household purposes and it’s not difficult to have installed. Imagine how much better your laundry and dishes will look with the addition of a simple water filter?

How to Choose a Water Filter in Westminster Colorado – Your Options

When selecting a water filter for your home you’ll discover that you have options; options that include choosing multiple water filters; one for drinking purposes and another for utility purposes. Do you want your new water filter to filter just the kitchen sink or do you want to also filter the whole house?

Here are some of your options when searching for water filters in Westminster Colorado at Kinetico:

• Dechlorinator: Water filters that absorb the odor and taste of water that is chlorinated.

• Sulfur Guard: If you have water with a sulfur smell then you know just how unpleasant the smell is and you more than likely would rather not drink this water. This type of water filter will eliminate the odor and taste of sulfur effortlessly.

• Greensand Filter: This type of water filter keeps your water odor free, and works to remove things like arsenic, radium, manganese, iron, and hydrogen sulfide. Not only does it remove bad odors but it also preserves your home’s plumbing system, and eliminated those unpleasant, brown iron stains.

Now that you know your filter options, you may wish to consider the addition of a water softener as well. Ask a professional if this would benefit your home’s water system. Speak with an expert at Kinetico to learn more about water filters in Westminster Colorado and to request an estimate today!

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